Plus size Glam

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First the basics of being glam despite being plus size is to understand your body.

You need clothes that have some structure to them.You also need to pick up clothes with solid colors .Choose shoes that are comfortable such as wedges, boots ,sandals that have wide fit.22301383_normal 137798046 80b274aa57278a5b5e2da697195ab5c5


How to happy

Yay! I am happy to be back! I promise to be regular with my posts from now on.

I have gone through the birthing process giving birth to a darling tot and with the sleep deprivation, constant changing of diapers and visits to the immunization center ,I would say that I gained some valuable life lessons along the way.

As a mom you need to make some sacrifices with your time,emotions and energy.By now  I am looking at various career options  namely fashion and medicine or even go to school to gain new skills. However making sure I have time for my child ,guiding her through her developmental milestones,helping her with language development is my highest priority.

So how do I navigate through family and career choices? I realize I am a human being ,then I delegate tasks to my significant other and other family members.If you don’t ask for help, you are not going to get it. I then draft a list of my goals and assigning priority numbers to them.Then I start to flesh out how I would realize my goals.

For example,I plan to find a job as a medical officer while still honing my taste in fashion  for about two years.Then I will start apply for an academic masters program in a medical specialty while setting up an online fashion store .So write those goals on paper with timelines and make a list of your support system. Support system is key to achieving your goals.

In my next post I would tell you how to create a support system if you do not have one. Have a wonderful day Ciao.